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The first seven years of your child's life are the key of opportunity to them. Within those formative years, their cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development will set the path for their life’s journey. As Haddies School, we are here to ensure that journey is richly rewarding for your child.

Every moment is magical! Start your child's love of learning in a place that'll keep their desire alive. Enroll them and let the fun learning experiences take the lead. Sit back and watch as your child make better-than-expected progress.

Play &Learn

Our Programs

Infants Program | Haddies School

0-1 year


Guaranteeing your baby’s happiness in their first stage of life

Toddlers Program | Haddies School

1-3 years


Empowering them to learn and explore with greater independence

Preschoolers Program | Haddies School

1-4 year


Nurturing what the child loves and developing identified strengths

What We Offer

  • Interesting Activities

    We offer great activities for children of all ages

  • Full Day Sessions

    Our programs include up to 5 full-day sessions per week.

  • Healthy Food

    Organic food and fresh water are available every day.

  • Varied Classes

    Each program we offer has a variety of included classes.

  • Qualified Teachers

    We employ highly skilled teachers at Haddies School.

  • 100% Safe

    Our team guarantees full safety of your child.

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